Oak Framed Porches

Oak porches create an attractive and practical entrance to your home and can work with almost any design of property

Made using traditional jointing techniques and from the best quality 100% European green oak timber that creates a style that will last, withstand the elements, and look great for a long time to come.

Oak Framed Porches

Oak Porch

Brick Plinth without Kingpost

This porch added the additional dimmension required to the otherwise flat plane of this house

Feature Piece any door entrance

Oak framed porches are very pouplar and facilitate a way of bringing english heritage to newly built properties. The saying "mixing old with new" couldn't be more appropriate in this application.
Feature Piece any door entrance

Bespoke Fully Glazed Oak Porch

Creating shelter for this exposed entrance

Touch of class

The idea of a porch is to act as a shelter when entering or leaving the building as well as to frame the door and instill a level of class to the property

Our innovative machinery is capable of transferring qualitatively and cost effectively detailed designs into accurate components

Touch of class

Oak Porch

Half Post with Kingpost

The functionality without the groundwork requirement

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